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In "MapleStory," it is possible to transfer items and Mesos between the different characters youFind a Storage Nonplayer Character (NPC). Every city in MapleStory has at least one Storage NPC in it.The CashShop on the main MapleStory page can add four additional slots to your storage for a fee. Maplestory Update: New Features Along With V Update MapleStory, Other Games. As we know, there will be a limitless update event of V update. The official also brings some additional “A Better Maple” changesWe’re now offering instant name changes as an ongoing feature. No need to wait for a maintenance! You can purchase a name change coupon... How to Get Married on Maplestory: 10 Steps (with Pictures) How to Get Married on Maplestory. Do you play Maplestory? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend there, and you're ready to tie the knot? Start at Step 1 to find out how to get married on Maplestory. 3 Ways to Be a Successful Merchant in Maplestory - wikiHow

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Controls - MapleStory Wiki - Neoseeker To take off a piece of equipment, open the equipment window (E, default) and the item window (I, default). In the item window, click the equips tab. In the equipment window, click and drag the item you want to unequip into of the empty slots in the inventory window. Trying to change my account :: MapleStory General Discussions Once linked, you are unable to unlink/change it" Though I haven't tried Steam Support center (because I have mislinked some of my MapleStory accounts to my Steam accounts), they probably can't/won't help with this problem since the person has accepted the terms of linking the email to his/her account.

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If you forget your PIC, you will be able to reset it by selecting Reset Your PIC from the Support section of the MapleStory site. Follow the link to complete the reset process. Occasionally, you will be prompted to change your PIC. It is recommended that you reset it on a semi-regular basis, to keep your account secure. Skills - Official MapleStory M Wiki Removing a Skill from a Skill Slot [edit | edit source] Since there are more skills than skill slots, players may come face a situation where they may need to remove skills from their skill slots to make room for better/stronger ones. Step 1: Step 1: Access the [Character] menu in the Main Menu. MapleStory 5th Job Best In Slot Cores (Nodes) for V Matrix ... Showing you guys the best in slot cores (nodes) for the V Matrix System! It can usually be different depending on your class (I.E. Hurricane classes using a special core) SUMMARY:

MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum Who else lost their hair and face? Fashion Forum Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names ... How to change a style: Click on the saved slot and then select the "Change" button at the bottom. Your look will then change back to that style. You can also preview the style in the preview area.

You can change this preference below.Опубликовано: 2 нояб. 2016 г. Thanks for clicking on the video, supports me a bunch. In this guide I will be showing off how to gather a rose clipping for the lvl 30 charm quest along with how to unlock the pocket slot.

How to Download Maplestory. This is how to download MapleStory, the world's first side-scrolling, massively multi-player online role-playing game. It's free! First go to the region that you play MapleStory on.

How to change icon position in quick slot? - Questions... -… Default slot have size 32x32. I add new slots in size 40x40 and I have problems with set center position of icon. Getting started in Pocket MapleStory | pocket maplestory Essentially, Pocket MapleStory is a new version of the popular MMO MapleStory created for iOS and Android devices. It's a side scrolling RPG adventure game that you can play with other people. You'll go on quests, fight monsters, create and join guilds, and team up with friends in dungeons. MapleStory 2 PC Keyboard Controls : MGW: Game Cheats,… The default control scheme for MapleStory 2 for PC is: Arrow Keys – Movement.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F – Skill / Item Quick Slots .MapleStory 2 – How to Unlock Emotes. MapleStory 2 – Assistant Items.

MapleStory Europe - [Notice] An even better Maple - Free… Discussion in 'MapleStory News' started by MapleStory News, Jun 10, 2015.Each account can have a maximum of 30 character slots. All you have to do is go to the Cash Shop, look for “Character Slot Coupon” and purchase it for a massive price of 0 NX (youHow are you storing 100b per acc? Maplestory Controls - MapleWiki Maplestory Controls. From MapleWiki. Jump to: navigation, search.Alt - Jump - Makes your character jump. Ctrl - Attack - Swings, stabs, or thrusts the weapon in a melee attack. ] - Toggle Quick Slots - Opens the 'Short Cut' tab in the lower right hand corner.