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TMC 1 inch O.D. LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT positions the light tighter to the weapon's centerline than other designs requiring a 1913 rail mounting system, increasing the operators field of view while reducing the chances to ensnarl your weapon. SMC Light MOUNT-N-SLOT from IWC | Jerking the Trigger The SMC Light MOUNT-N-SLOT comes with all the hardware and tools that you need to mount it on your hand guards. You can read more about the SMC Light MOUNT-N-SLOT on IWC’s website. Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% discount at IWC. NEW!! IWC RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Handheld ... IWC RADIAL Universal Light MOUNT-N-SLOT for Handheld, Scout & Pistol Lights – Review Its very unusual in this day and age to see a manufacturer put out a product that is purposely designed to help you spend less money instead of buying more of their products.

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QD Rotation Limited Sling Mount-N-SLOT Designed with IWC's proprietary KML Reversible Mounting Nut, which engages the inside of the Original width slot or simply reverse the nut to the M-LOK compatible design and attach to M-LOK compliant slots QD Micro Installed by IWC in YOUR Magpul MOE Handguard When your MOE arrives, IWC will professionally install your QD Micro Mount-N-SLOT into your MOE. Home Impact Weapons Components designs, patents & manufacturers Thorntail2, Thorntail & Mount-N-SLOT Accessory Mounts For Firearms with M-LOK, 1913, KeyMod, Slots & Holes. Bipod Mount-V2 Mount-N-SLOT Any MOE

SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) 1" LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT is designed to accept a specific size of hand held flashlights. IWC designed our new SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT's with AMBI mounting capability, so you can place the tail cap of the light in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position on your weapon for activation by your

Details Micro-adjustable 2-piece integral flashlight clamp design adjusts to fit ANY 1 OD flashlight, including SureFire, LLC's G2X, G2, 6P, 6PX series and ... IWC Mount-n-Slot TMC Picatinny Light Mount Review So I became intrigued with the simplicity and sleekness of the IWC light mounts and decided to check one out. Just happened to see that they had the picatinny version ... A bit late on Impact Weapons Components - Impact Weapons Components TMC MOUNT-N-SLOT Light Mount Quick teaser of my SBR as it stands now ... (IWC) on their OCP MOUNT-N-SLOT (Oblique Connection Point) ... The new SMC 1" Mount-N-Slot light mount *pics* [Archive ...

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Radial MIL620 Scout Light Mount-N-SLOT IWC designed our new Radial MIL620 Series Weaponlight Cantilevered Light Mount-N-SLOT to directly attach to round forends containing slots or holes, eliminating the need for bolt-on 1913 rail sections and the bulky 1913 integral SureFire … Mount-N-Slot / Light Mounts IWC designed our new TMC (Top Mount Cantilevered) Scout Light Mount-N-SLOT's with AMBI mounting capability, so you can place the tail cap of the Scout Type weaponlight in either the 1:00 or 11:00 position on your weapon for activation by … IWC Mount-N-Slot TMC 1 Inch Light LTMC100FO IWC Mount-N-Slot TMC 1-inch light mount is one of the lightest weight mounts available to add a light to Magpul MOE Carbine length handguards as well as traditional M4-style round handguards. SMC 1" Light Mount-N-Slot

IWC’s SMC Mount & SureFire G2X Tactical Light - AR15 News SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) 1″ LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT is designed to accept a specific size of hand held flashlights.These flashlights are listed in the Drop Down Filter, allowing you to select the correct SMC 1″ LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT for your specific flashlight. IWC designed our new SMC (Side Mount Cantilevered) 1″ Light MOUNT-N-SLOT’s ... Iwc Qd Rotation Limited Sling Mount N Slot - Lots of Factory ... IWC's MOUNT-N-SLOT products are MADE BY AMERICANS. $25.95. PA as always shipped the item fast and packaged well. $29.95.JIALITTE M-lok QD Sling Mount Sling Swivel 1.25 Inch Adapter Attachment for M lok ..IWC 45 Offset 1913 Rail QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT.This product works wonders and is made of quality LaRue materials.Sports & Outdoors Impact Weapons Components Keymod Mount N Slot ... Initial Impression: IWC's SMC Surefire Scout mount for ALL ... I was looking for a mount that was compatible with mid-length Magpul MOE handguards. Earl gladly agreed to send one of his Side Mount Cantilevered (SMC) Scout Mount-N-Slot mounts to me as soon as they were out of development. Last week the mount arrived in IWC's great packaging.